What’s Your Strategy for Video?

Strategic Video

Welcome. I'm Neil Scott, President of The Edge Communications, a video production company based in Calgary, Alberta. I created this blog to invite a dialogue about the ways that businesses and organizations can use corporate video to their best advantage.

It’s all about strategy.

A successful video begins long before the shooting. It starts by establishing a clear message for a specific intended audience. It starts with informed questions to determine the project scope and the resources you’ll need—time, people, and money.

With the growth of social media and the explosion of online video, it’s crucial to create videos that rise above the clutter. "Ready, fire, then aim" is a risky strategy when your business reputation is at stake.

With a solid strategy in place before production starts, you can ensure that every word and every shot counts—and every dollar is well spent.

I welcome your comments and feedback.

Neil Scott, President, The Edge Communications Inc.

Overcoming Obstacles

Cost-Effective Professional Video

Neil Scott, President of The Edge Communications discusses how to get cost-effective professionally produced video for your organization. Click on the above link to see the video:


2 comments to Cost-Effective Professional Video

  • It’s hard to explain how cost effective a video can actually be. They can run in the hundreds to thousands of dollars. How would you explain cost pricing for videos? And what do you mean by making a video with one take and little to no editing?

    • At my company, we view every video as a custom created piece. Cost estimates are based on the time, equipment and travel expenses required to meet the customer’s objectives for the video. Making a video in one take without editing is done by recording the video in a live production session where all of the elements are combined through an audio board and a video switcher, just like live television is created. It’s a much more cost-effective way (for the customer) to make spokesperson videos than the now traditional “shoot and edit” production model. It is however a significant investment of equipment for a production company to put in a live studio, but in our case, customers can save money by hiring the room and our techs by the hour.

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