Changes in technology have given an individual the ability to make business video at the cost of synergy, one of the most valuable tools in creating video that rises above the clutter. If the term is used in a business application, synergy means that teamwork will produce an overall better result than if each person within the group were working toward the same goal individually.

What do videos look like in the absence of synergy? I recently experimented with this concept in a video contest I held with employees of my company, The Edge Communications. The rules were simple. Each person was given a Flip video camera, which is a consumer based HD video camera with its own editing software. In a video up to 3 minutes in length, they were to tell a compelling story that answers the question “What is The Edge?” Since we have people in our office with varying degrees of technical proficiency, the key judging criteria was the strength of the message in their videos.

Excerpts from each of the videos can be seen in the video clip below:

When I reviewed the videos, each video showcased some aspect of the brilliance of the creator. Creativity, humor, great scripting, and effective storytelling were all found in the collection of videos as a whole. However, each of the videos could have benefitted by the creativity and skill of a production team.

A key element of organizational structure and management are “Cross Functional Teams”. A cross-functional team is a group of people with different functional expertise working toward a common goal. Video and film production is a great example of where a cross-functional team can create excellent results: a script-writer focuses on story and message, a producer is the organizational genius behind a project, the director and videographer work in tandem to create the visual look and visual language of the video. All of the cast and crew work collaboratively toward the final result. In a collaborative team, the discrete skill and creativity that each person brings to the project elevates the final results, especially where a high level of detail orientation and strong deadlines are required. More details on cross-functional teams can be found here:

I find synergy the most thrilling part of creating a professional video. In the years I worked as a cinematographer and videographer, the most exciting part of the job was to take a script and the creative vision of the director and flesh it into reality with my skills and tools. I knew I’d done my job right when the customer and the director would say: “It’s exactly as I imagined it!”

The contest winning video by The Edge’s Production Manager Ron Heinz will be re-made as a video created by our whole team here at The Edge. You can see Ron’s solo effort here:


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  1. Wow! Very impressive video effort from Ron. I can see why he won your Flip video contest. Thoughtful and clearly articulated commentary, nice pacing and good scene changes. Transitions suffer from the relatively simplistic Flip editing software, but that’s to be expected! Great use of beautiful downtown Calgary for a backdrop. I’m interested to see how The Edge team reinterprets Ron’s ideas in a more polished and “synergistic” professional video.

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